Boot Camp

Ready to take your fitness game to the next level? 
Then Outdoor Bootcamp is for you!

Bootcamp Showcase

Whether you’ve been physically active for years, or just getting started, this class can be modified to work with any fitness level. 

You’ll get a mix of aerobic, strength and speed elements during each class session that are meant to quickly boost strength, endurance and agility.

Our Outdoor Bootcamp is a great way to get and stay motivated, boost your fitness level, get a high-quality workout without the high price tag, get outside and get inspired!
PUSH Fitness Bootcamp WavePUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp Squats
PUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp Connie Sheehan RunPUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp Wave
PUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp Mat WorkoutPUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp Talk
PUSH Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp WalkPUSH Fitness Bootcamp Plank

Bootcamp Schedule

Summer Bootcamp III
August 8th - August 19th, 2022
Summer Bootcamp II
July 11th - July 27th, 2022
Summer Bootcamp I
June 1st - July 1st, 2022
Winter Bootcamp
 Feb. 18 - Mar. 12, 2022
Bootcamp Sampler
 January 17, 2022
9 AM to 9:30 AM at PUSH

PUSH Fitness

Start your journey! 
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