About PUSH Fitness

PUSH Fitness Studio is a boutique fitness center located in the St Paul Midway area in Minnesota, whose mission is to make fitness accessible to all.

 PUSH Fitness Studio offers a variety of in studio and online classes as well as outdoor fitness options. 

Building and sustaining a fitness Community is the heart of PUSH. Join us today!
Meet Our Instructors 

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PUSH Fitness Instructors

About PUSH Fitness Studio Connie Sheehan Owner and Instructor

Connie S. 

PUSH Studio Owner and Instructor
Connie has had a love of fitness for decades and a love of bringing fitness to everyone. That is why she choose to open PUSH and create an environment that welcomes every size, shape and color of individual. She is the recipient of the Women Venture’s Emerging Business Award and is continuing the journey of taking PUSH to the next level. When she’s not giving you an awesome workout at PUSH, you can find her walking her dog Steve, keeping her 5 boys (make the 6 if you count her husband Jeff) out of trouble, and enjoying her grandchildren!
Myrika S PUSH Fitness Instructor

Myrika S.

PUSH Studio Director and Instructor
As a yoga instructor, avid runner, barre instructor and dancer for most of her life, Myrika was so excited to be given the chance to join the PUSH team in 2017! Myrika loves that she has been able to bring yoga to the PUSH community and is excited to continue to help it grow! Myrika brings nearly 2 decades of Management experience to PUSH and looks forward to continuing the journey to help build PUSH into a health and wellness brand that will last a lifetime. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading, traveling, all things wine and daydreaming!
Kim H PUSH Fitness Instructor

Kim H.

PUSH Fitness Instructor
After being away from exercise for far too long, Kim re-set her goals and realized her health and wellbeing deserved some TLC. Fortunately, that’s when she met Connie who has truly been her fitness angel. It was also at that time that she discovered indoor cycling, which delivers a fantastic combination of cardio, community and crazy-good classes. She has been teaching Spin for 5+ years, and also teaches strength training classes. Hobbies include spending time with family, photography, music, cooking, North Shore visits, cycling and red wine!
Melanie D PUSH Fitness Instructor

Melanie D.

PUSH Fitness Instructor
Melanie is a psychologist by training and works for St. Paul Schools during the school year. She played team sports through high school, where she learned to love camaraderie and encouragement gained from exercising and working toward fitness goals with others. She enjoys sharing her love of fitness with the PUSH community and taking in all of the positive energy that PUSH brings!
Amy H PUSH Fitness Instructor

Amy H.

PUSH Fitness Instructor and Resident Triathlon Expert
Amy first discovered spinning while stationed with the Army in Hawaii. She always enjoyed outdoor cycling, but really enjoyed the focus on a Spin class and of course the music! After and absence from spinning, Amy discovered Connie’s spin class and her love of cycling immediately came back. She became a certified spin instructor in 2015. Amy has also always enjoys strength training and has competed in numerous Triathlons since 2019. Amy feels the best part of teaching is building playlists, finding new ways to climb a hill and cycling with amazing clients.
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